Community Services

  • Enterprise IT Delivery Services: IT Delivery Services provides high-quality, robust and flexible network infrastructure services across City government. Our service areas include Customer Service Center, Baltimore's centralized email and calendaring system, Data Center and Network Solutions.
  • Information Security: Supports the City of Baltimore's agencies, departments, and personnel by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of City owned information.
  • Geographic Information Services (GIS): Collects, organizes, manages, standardizes, and distributes geospatial data and systems within an enterprise technology solution; providing cost savings and improving the quality of services provided by the City of Baltimore.
  • CitiWatch Services: provides state-of-the-art CCTV cameras throughout the City of Baltimore in an effort to assist Police and other City agencies with public safety.
  • 311 Call Center: MOIT manages the call center for all 311 inquiries to assist in Baltimore City citizens requests. Baltimore 311 handles the intake of residents' reporting local issues including potholes, graffiti, and streetlight outages. Use the Mobile 311 App or 311 reporting website ( to report and track the status of service requests submitted by you or other members of the community.