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Any devices that sends and/or receives data automatically via the web.This rapidily expanding set of “things” include tags, sensors and devices that interact with people and share information M2M (machine to machine).


Technology is changing every day and more “things” are becoming connected to “Internet of Things” to include vehicles, cameras, security systems, street lighting, health and wellness equipment and much more. Additionally, your homes are becoming “smart homes”: according to a new NCSA-ESET survey, 67 percent of households have between 1 and 5 home devices connected to the Internet, and more than 1 in 5 households use mobile devices or apps to remotely access or control devices in the home. The capability to control connected devices and  control them remotely could help make life more convenient and efficient than ever before, but the Internet of Things also poses security challenges. Navigating the world of “Internet of Things” starts with STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Make sure connected devices have security precautions, think about the consequences of the data being shared and then connect a device to the Internet with peace of mind.


On October 21, 2016 there was a massive (DDoS) Direct Denial of Service attack where hackers utilized the internet to connect to some devices in individuals homes, such as CCTV cameras and printers. This attack focused on several popular websites like Twitter, Spotify and Redditt. These particular websites used the Dyn company for service, which  was ultimately the target of the attack.  Security analysts believe that the “Internet of Things” and home devices was the manner used to launch this hacker attack. For more information in reference to this DDoS attack using the “Internet of Things” go to this link:


For more information on the Internet of Things, refer to this link:


The Internet is a shared resource and securing it is Our Shared Responsibility. Our Shared Responsibility is the theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2016. - Visit:

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