The Holidays Are Coming - Safe Online Shopping Tips



Safe Shopping Online:

  • Protect yourself when shopping online, check to be sure the site is security enabled: Look for web addresses with https:// or the “lock” symbol indicating the site is secure and extra security measures are in place to help protect your personal information. 

  • Treat your personal information like money: Protect it.  When making a purchase online, be alert to the kinds of information being collected to complete the transaction.

  • Use safe payment options: Credit cards or Gifts cards are generally the safest option.  Credit cards also provide buyers an option if the product isn’t delivered or isn’t what you ordered. 

    • Ask your credit card provider if they have an internet anonymous shopping application that only uses a credit card number for a limited amount of time and is not your real account number.
    • Request Virtual or Masked Credit Cards designed to  randomly-generate temporary credit card numbers that make it virtually impossible for anyone to steal the real one while you’re shopping online. Contact your credit card provider.
    • Use a credit card verses a debit card for online purchases.  Credit cards have some protections that debit cards do not, such as allowing buyers to seek a credit from the issuer if the product isn’t delivered or isn’t what you ordered.
  • Check your card and Bank statements: False or Fraudulent charges are generally an indication that your card has been compromised.

  • When in doubt, throw it out: Too good to be true emails offering deals that may have links, posts and texts are designed by cyber criminals to steal your information or infect your devices.

  • Don’t be dissatisfied: Read return and other polices so you know what to expect if the purchase doesn’t go as planned.


    Refer to these links for other tips for shopping safely on the internet

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