Public Data

Enterprise Geographic Information Services - Public Data

The Public Access Data Distribution Program for the City’s Geographic Information System provides maps, data and services to the public. Most GIS data is now available through City of Baltimore’s open data portal: OpenBaltimore

Available data layers found in the data portal include the following:

  • Planimetric: City boundary, edge of pavement, building footprints, partition walls, vegetated area, railroad, and hydrography. The planimetric data has been compiled from spring 2008 orthophotography.
  • Topographic: 2-foot contour intervals and 10-foot index contours. This data has been compiled from the spring 2008 orthophotography.
  • Planning Layers: Zoning, land use, housing typology and neighborhoods.
  • Street Centerlines: Layer contains street names and address ranges.
  • Parcel Boundaries Layer contains block and lot identification and street addresses.

GIS Data available through other departments:

  • Utility Layers: Please contact Baltimore City Public Works  to obtain data. This includes infrastructural data related to stormwater flows, sewers, and drains.
  • Conduit Layers: Please contact the Conduits Department at (410) 396-1004.

For all other GIS data and imagery, contact EGIS directly at GIS Email or (443) 741-3213.


All data is in Maryland State Plane: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Maryland_FIPS_1900_Feet. If you wish to use the data in the City of Baltimore Coordinates, you can download and install the following custom projection. Please follow ESRI guidelines for loading custom coordinate systems.