What We Do

MOIT EGIS offers a range of GIS services including interactive maps, custom map and data requests, application development, and web service development. EGIS leverages new technologies to deliver information in several kinds of formats to the public and other government agencies. Our services include:

Map Requests

EGIS provides maps to the public, City agencies, and other organizations upon request. EGIS maintains many frequently requested maps, such as neighborhood maps, voting assistance maps, and maps of public service provision. These maps are frequently updated to reflect the most current data.

For your convenience, here are the most frequently-requested maps available for download. These maps are available as 36” x 48” (3 ft. by 4 ft.) posters for you to print. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide printing services for the public.

 Neighborhood Maps

 City of Baltimore Zoning Districts

 Police Districts/Posts/Stations

Council Districts Map

Data Requests

EGIS is responsible for distributing GIS data to the general public, city contractors, non-profit organizations, state and federal entities.

Since the inception of Open Baltimore most of EGIS data is now available free for download on the web. However, However, EGIS will provide any approved and unclassified geographic information that is not on Open Baltimore upon request.


Data Maintenance

EGIS stores, maintains, and updates a variety of GIS data sets on the Baltimore City and Housing Department networks for consumption by various City agencies.

EGIS has created a centralized GIS data repository that allows agencies to place new data or update existing GIS data sets, which are then reviewed and posted to the enterprise server.


Application and Mapping Tool Development

EGIS creates custom mapping applications and tools, for both internal City use and web based public access, that allow City agencies and the public to leverage GIS data and perform analysis without the need and expense of procuring licenses. EGIS attempts to make as much data and as many tools available to the public as possible.

Tools and Applications can be found here:


Baltimore CityView

Baltimore CityView

An interactive, online mapping tool designed to provide residents, visitors, researchers, and individuals doing business in the City easy access to a ...



EconView is an interactive mapping tool that collects and displays information about projects in the City of Baltimore’s “development pipeline” since ...

Polling Place Locator

Polling Place Locator

Helping citizens locate their polling place and get information about current elected officials. Typically used by citizens during an election season ...

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