About Us

The mission of EGIS, under the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology (MOIT) is to collect, organize, manage, standardize, and distribute geospatial data and systems within an enterprise technology solution; providing cost savings and improving the quality of services provided by the City of Baltimore. EGIS leverages geographic technology along with associated tools and applications to support daily City operations, emergency response, data analysis, and policy making.

Goal Statements

  1. Coordinate City-wide efforts to maximize the value of City investments in geographic information and technology.
  2. Improve the quality of City decision-making through the use of accurate and timely geographic information.
  3. Promote the appropriate use of City geographic information assets through public and private agreements, partnerships and programs.
  4. Recommend policies, licenses and standards to support the proper control and protection of City geographic information assets.


Samantha Luckhardt
GIS Coordinator/Manager 

Om Poudel
GIS Web Developer 

Dawit Gurmessa
GIS Database Analyst 

Jim Garcia
GIS Analyst